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        2020-03-26 15:59 | 太奇MBA網

        管理類碩士官方備考群,考生互動,擇校評估,真題討論 點擊加入備考群>>


          1.Fewer and fewer of today’s workers expect to spend their working lives in the same field,_____the same company.

          A.all else  B.much worse    C.let alone    D.less likely

          2.Floods cause billions of dollars worth of property damage _______

          A.relatively   B.actually   C.comparatively   D.annually

          3.For the sake of calf future generations,we should make rational use of natural __________

          A.resource   B.resources   C.material   D.materials

          4.Franklin’s talent as an inventor was matched by his __________as a politician.

          A.ability   B.competence   C.capacity   D.capability

          5.Even after the teacher had entered the room she ________ talking.

          A.regretted   B.stopped   C.continued   D.finished

          6.Even if this possibility did not _________ to close scrutiny,his theory would still be true

          A.look up   B.stand up   C.keep up   D.hold up

          7.Even though he was guilty,the _________ judge did not send him to prison.

          A.merciful    B.impartial   C.conscientious   D.conspicuous

          8.Even though she had not seen it for many years,the woman _________ bet son’s handwriting.

          A.remembered   B.reorganized   C.recounted   D.recognized

          9.Every man in this country has the right to live where he wants,_________ the color of his skin.

          A.with the exception of   B.by vitae of   C.in the light of   D.regardless of

          10.Customers may also be permitted to ________ their current accounts for a short period in anticipation of a credit item coming in.

          A.overextend   B.overdraw   C.overvalue   D.overpay

          11.In that writing course,the teacher asked us to write a letter to an ___________ person.

          A.Imaginable   B.imaginary   C.imaginating   D.imaginative

          12.This bird’s large wings ______________ it to fly very fast.

          A.enable   B.make   C.ensure   D.cause

          13.My old school friend had changed so much that I could hardly ___________ him.

          A.recognize   B.remember   C.know   D.make out

          14.Children are very curious ________________.

          A.at heart   B.in person   C.on purpose   D.by nature

          15.All of them _________technical innovations.

          A.are absorbed in   B.ate absorbing in   C.are absorbed to   D.are absorbing to

          16.All of us were_________ that the old man could walk on his hands.

          A.shocked   B.amaze   C.frightened   D.pleased

          17.All students _________a loud laugh when Prof,Henry Mitchell told them the joke.

          A.let off    B.let out   C.let down   D.let go

          18.________ all the difficulties,she finished the project by herself.

          A.As for   B.In spite   C.Besides   D.Despite

          19.All the information we have collected in relation to that case _________ very little.

          A.makes up for   B.adds up to   C.comes up with   D.puts up with

          20.All the leading newspapers _________ the trade talks between China and the United States.

          A.reported   B.printed   C.announced   D.published